Il Manifesto dell'Accessorio

“Sovente, l'eleganza viene confusa con la superficialità, la moda, una certa mancanza di interiorità. Si tratta di un grave errore: l'essere umano ha bisogno di eleganza sia nelle azioni che nella postura, perché questa parola è sinonimo di buon gusto, amabilità, equilibrio e armonia”(Paulo Coelho, Sono come il fiume che scorre, 2006).
Per noi l’accessorio rappresenta la sintesi dell’eleganza così intesa, ovvero la capacità di scoprirsi agli altri con disinvoltura e stile, attraverso un oggetto che riflette con garbo e accuratezza la propria personalità.[…] Abbiamo deciso di aprire un blog dedicato agli accessori, condividere con voi la nostra passione per essi, soprattutto se particolari ed handmade, proponendo selezioni di prodotti scelti, consigli, recensioni di eventi e collezioni.[…] Vorremmo mostrarvi gli accessori che più ci hanno colpito e incantato nel corso dei nostri viaggi, cercando di trasmettervi lo spirito delle culture che abbiamo incontrato[…] Per finire, spazio ai talenti, di ogni genere, con una sezione dedicata ad artisti già affermati ed emergenti.

"Oftentimes, the elegance is confused with superficiality, fashion, a certain lack of interiority. It is a grave mistake: the human being needs elegance both in actions and posture, because this word is synonymous with good taste, sweetness, balance and harmony."

(Paulo Coelho , I'm like the flowing river , 2006)

Here is, we conceive the accessory in this way, as a synthesis of elegance, that is the ability to show oneself to the other with ease and style through an object that reflects your personality with grace and accuracy. Then, as the eyes are the mirror of the soul, the accessories are the mirror of ideas, creativity, form and expression of a language that tells about us, our attitudes, our beliefs. As the matter of fact, the accessory is the epitome of the refined complexity of the nature of a person and her/his taste as we tend to match it according to the mood of a particular time.

Thus, as life changes people change too, consequently every day we dress a new mood that reveals the many facets that we consist of. Moreover, accessories allow you to give a first imprint of yourself, to express your creativity and, for the viewer, to frame people and sometimes to read their thoughts. Indeed, we can wear a garment that we do not like so much just because it is trendy for that specific moment or in a specific context but we are unlikely to match it an accessory that is not to our liking because the accessories have the capacity to interpret the essence and the soul of a person, that is all those nuances and inclinations that characterize making her/him unique. Thus, accessories tell the creative adventure that form the tangible emotion and pleasure that the representation of the same raises. Think of a pair of heels orange on an total-black outfit, or a statement necklace on a classic dress with simple rigorous shapes....

Only one accessory can change the entire look, sometimes even distorting it. Therefore, we can use the same tool and reinterpret it in different outfits to create ever-new look. In addition, with accessories the objects come alive and seem to spread the energy emanating from the figure in a relentless pursuit of harmony, shapes and colors, which makes use of all the techniques to revive the vitality of the human soul. That is why we decided to open a blog dedicated to accessories. In fact, they are the diversifying plus that distinguishes an outfit in terms of special features, however, often they fade into the background comparing to the clothes. Therefore, we would like to share with you our passion for accessories, especially if they are handmade and special, and to show you selections of chosen products, tips, reviews, events and collections.

In addition, we provide a special section to travels where we are going to show you the accessories that most impressed us spellbound and in the course of our travels, trying to convey the spirit of the cultures that we have encountered, the kind of atmosphere that we breathe, the customs, the simplicity or the luxury of the people who welcomed us. Other words, the essence of the soul of the country that lives and reflectes in what we want to show you.

Finally, let give space to talents thanks to a section dedicated to emerging and famous artists.
So, as we do, you believe in talent, in the artistic sense, in the desire to do and to create, that work means to work and to believe, creating the opportunity anywhere, we would like to introduce you to our little world, because remember : show me what you accompany with and I’ll show you who you are!