Il Manifesto dell'Accessorio

“Sovente, l'eleganza viene confusa con la superficialità, la moda, una certa mancanza di interiorità. Si tratta di un grave errore: l'essere umano ha bisogno di eleganza sia nelle azioni che nella postura, perché questa parola è sinonimo di buon gusto, amabilità, equilibrio e armonia”(Paulo Coelho, Sono come il fiume che scorre, 2006).
Per noi l’accessorio rappresenta la sintesi dell’eleganza così intesa, ovvero la capacità di scoprirsi agli altri con disinvoltura e stile, attraverso un oggetto che riflette con garbo e accuratezza la propria personalità.[…] Abbiamo deciso di aprire un blog dedicato agli accessori, condividere con voi la nostra passione per essi, soprattutto se particolari ed handmade, proponendo selezioni di prodotti scelti, consigli, recensioni di eventi e collezioni.[…] Vorremmo mostrarvi gli accessori che più ci hanno colpito e incantato nel corso dei nostri viaggi, cercando di trasmettervi lo spirito delle culture che abbiamo incontrato[…] Per finire, spazio ai talenti, di ogni genere, con una sezione dedicata ad artisti già affermati ed emergenti.


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Sara M. Miusis: “Dr. Heel 15 cm”, I graduated from the School of Law with a pair of black heels 14.5 Louboutin, aware of the impossibility to obtain the highest score, but I knew that my satisfaction that day would have been another. In fact, after the fateful (Italian) declaration: "... I proclaim you Doctor in Law", my happiness when I turned on my heels and I left behind an academic career that I’ve never wanted with a pair of Lobu on my feet was priceless. Therefore, this does not mean that I am frivolous, however, I made a wrong choice in the past because I refused to follow my attitude, as a consequence, now I’m trying to correct the roll. Then, this is why I open a blog, to share with everyone my passion for fashion, especially for accessories. Self-deprecating, ironic, stubborn, honest, ambitious, a little bit peckish, indeed sketchy, I live intensely my love for writing, fashion and design. In two words: for art. Moreover, as the designers follow the intuition, give it shape and imprint it, embroidering their art on fabrics, I try to do the same, for my capabilities, "embroidering" words. In addition, I love: to observe people, to met different cultures, ethnical jewels, a boho-chic style, surfing, California, dancing (dance has been my faithful companion life for almost twenty years during my life), the blooming, flowers and warm still baked bread’s parfums at the sunrise while I’m walking back home after a night out, Miro’, street performers, Saint Paule du Vence, adventurous travelling. This is me, Sara M. Miusis.



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Sue Miusis“Dr. Heel 12 cm”. Psychologist, moved from Genoa to Turin, citizen of the world. I love travel and ethnic accessories, they are my passion. I’m fascinated by the countries of the Middle East, where I found many of the accessories whit which my look are light up with. My style is minimal and otherwise a little bit 'misogynist. Moreover, I love to hang around the stalls of handicrafts in Turin (and everywhere) and attending all the cultural events. Furthermore, at the evening and in the night, when I am seized by inspiration and far away from prying eyes, I enjoy my time taking photos about shop windows, streetsyle, nice pics. Then, I hate leggings to wear as pants and have a different number of shoes from my sister: I can't "steal" them from her.This is me, Sue Miusis.