The past becomes the present, the present becomes the future. Two opposite dimensions that, drawing from what has been or is, create something new and while opposites in style still attract. The Milan fashion shows staged the FW 2015-2016 collections of "Love for Rome" by Laura Biagiotti and "Pride and Prejudice" by Grinko Laura Biagiotti  Grinko AI 2016 Milano Fashion Week febbraio 2015  main image

( Video Laura Biagiotti) Contemporary from the past - A serenade to Rome, the Eternal City. A lyric that comes from the heart and transposes all the emotions that this magical city evokes dressing women in classy and magnificence garments. Then, this is the philosophy of the new collection  by Laura Biagiotti "Love for Rome", a ready-to-wear line that is an homage to the cradle of Italian civilization, and that proposes in couture clothes the symbols that made our capital one of the most popular and suggestive cities in the world: the opulence of art, the great beauty of films and the Italian lifestyle. Therefore, as the human being stands virtuous and strong on the nature, always trying to give the best of him/herself though carries the weight of the hardships that life imposes, so, the classical column bore the weight of towering buildings. Indeed, for this reason Laura Biagiotti chose the column as iconic interpretation of her collection. "The column is the stylistic feature of a wardrobe that captures the oxymoron of Rome: the lightness of the stones which through an alchemical magic dissolve in water fountains." Furthermore, the woman is the backbone of the company and she dresses in decorations as the ancient architecture columns were embellished with motifs and capitals. Then, braids massive, fringed cashmere, waves created by the floating tissues, reproduce the veins of marble and adorn chiffon dresses, capes, skirts, pullovers and sweaters from large collars and hoods. Capital boostier embroidered with stones and top from the uncovered back, revealing the seductive side of modern matrons. Mikado dresses, velvet and wool bouclé, with cutting doll, or voluminous skirts with ruffles, plisset, sleeves and fur overcoat, show the finish of tailoring that testify to the creative craft of the splendor of the years of Hollywood on the Tiber. Moreover, prints of some items reproduce the map of Rome in an iconographic key through the technique of positive/negative on fabrics, creating a hypergeometric and unique design. In addition, even the colors are those of the classical age: the raw white travertine, the gray of domes and floors, the ocher, pink and orange from the sunsets, dissolve in shades of gold, while the contrasts between light and shadow are translated into black and white combinations. Therefore, the A/W 2015-2016 collection by Laura Biagiotti reflects the glow of ancient Rome. Moreover, very special and themed accessories work as details that serve as support for the pretty clothes. From boots to ankle boots, from slippers to sandals, each shoe is made of leather and reproduce the nuances of the city. What about the accessory tip? Of course it is the Rome necklace, a jewel characterized by a capital mounted on a metal plate. Then, the combination of fashion-culture finds its more precise expression in this line, and the designer performs an important function, that of patron, combining the stylistic vocation to the passion for collecting and art. "I feel to represent the core of Italian family business dynasties that target constant love for beauty, vocation to consider their craft as an art form" (Laura Biagiotti).

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Avant Gard from the present – A designer who becomes a reporter, a collection that tells the story of the cross-section of a society in which the contradictions abound and the opposition and suffering found asylum in judgment and human pride. Sergei Grinko, observes the most striking facts of our time and outburst them in a line that interprets the recent events in the world so passionate and personal, alternating heads impulsive and fun in order to create impact look that immortalize the men and women in their prevaricating essence. Then, the contradictions of white and black, flashes of color and shadow, fade into a dark indecipherable side. Therefore, the message is clear: "humanity is dominating nature, but is itself dominatrix of his fellows". M The style is decidedly mm msporty-chic, with great attention to the shapes and cuts. A new femininity is rediscovered in sportswear where the parachute military becomes the theme to make skirts and dresses, launching a new trend. The search for elegance passes through objects of concrete use, geometric shapes and architectural nell'apparel as accessories. The lines are defined, also thanks to the use of fabrics such as gofre which maintains the fluidity while reinforcing the structure of capi.Per Regarding accessories, the latter are also characterized by contrasts. A valuable materials like crocodile and lizard bags, are combined pop materials like shiny plastic used for decorations in the shape of a bird. The colors of the tip? Rosa military green, gray, white, and black (Video of the guest star Viktoria Modesta singer's performans at the fashion show).

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