Estate 2016 i marchi di costumi più trendy 1



Here we go: summer is coming! Just a few days to show your beach style and a good shape! This year more than ever beachwear plays the main role not only in stores but also in the online shop where all the latest swimwear trends for both him and her practically are available in real time. The fairer sex is more fortunate because can boast a variety of pieces (and prices!). That are not intended for the little men: bikini, trikini, suit and now even the scuba tipical for boarders set the trend as more technical and high-performance garments namely with the elasticity, strength and originality of wetsuits and diving. There are many new proposals to discover signed by brands that, as usual, innovate and propose sparkling and glamorous models to show off at the beach. Let's see what are the brands to be followed and the trends to catch up.

Baci Rubati (Stolen Kisses): born under the sign of the legendary '80s, the brand that is inspired by the homonymous film directed by François Truffaut transforms nonconformity and freedom of a generation in the manifesto of beachwear. Suits from provocative silhouette embody the rebellious spirit and daring of those years. The juxtaposition of contrasting colors, fantasies, and corsetry collection trappings inventing a measured never boring. The tendency to follow: bikini briefs coordinated by mini or maxi slip, the culotte is now out of fashion while current and sports materials like neoprene, practical and comfortable to wear two-piece by performing the cups and intriguing silhouette. Baci Rubati 2016 collection is so sexy, whimsical and feminine. The DNA of the brand conforms perfectly to the fashion of the moment.

Sucrette: like a warm wind blowing from the Mediterranean and caresses the skin, Sucrette beachwear carries all the perfumes and the magic of southern Italy. The Italian brand was born from the creativity of Terry Calogiuri and presented his first collection under the sign of Eurojersey. Soft lines, eclectic from 70s, micro patterns, play of light and crystals, a unique mix of imagination and traditions give life to simple models but impact whose versatility and capability of combining skirts and sarongs in the same line allows have different outfits for all occasions, from the beach to the aperitif until evening. With the right accessories and make-up of the season a skirt combined with the triangle becomes the ideal look for a beach party, and simply replacing the bikini with a full, here is the right combination for dinner! Elegance, quality and attention to detail are the ingredients of a couture bikini which choose the refinement of fabrics, colors and tailored finishes as a strong point. The peculiarity lies in Sensitive® Fabrics materials that provide comfort, dynamic, quick drying and durability compared to UV rays and frequent washing. For beachwear from lightweight luxury and magnetic sensuality.

Bikini Yess: passion and experience of a team that in the choice of Made in Italy fabrics has been working for over 20 years, are the strong point of Bikini Yess, a brand that chooses the web and social as the main showcase. The research, constant and meticulous, together with the use of new technologies and new production processes have enabled us to create a PE 2016 collection in which the bikini as a star becomes the inseparable companion of summer adventure that has the sea in all its forms as a predestined location. In fact the line is really wide as regards the drawings, the colors and materials and the fit. The tendency to follow: prints strictly coordinated with small designs, tropical flowers, with leaves and animal representations jungle fever or with new ethnic-chic age reasons, such as the ethnic trikini with loop formed by the brand.

Pin Up Stars - Poisson D'Amour: Pin-Up Stars relaunches for summer the line Poisson D'Amour, the brand born from the hand of Alessandra Clò with the symbol of fish in love, thanks to the successful collaboration with the influencer Chiara Biasi is gaining more and more women. Even top models Naomi Campbell chose to wear these energetic and witty costumes but with a romantic mood, and success has also come to the ears of the overseas giant Victoria's Secret lingerie. A strong identity but sweet interprets two-piece and one-shoulder suits, light from carioca fantasies and retro appeal. Sinuous ruffles blooming on the highest quality fabrics and embellished lace straps, cups, kimonos and shorts, creating a fresh and delicate collection.


Estate 2016 i marchi di costumi più trendy 2

Je m'en fous

Je m'en fous: is the Giulia Zoppas brand that steals from the French neighbors the "nonchalance" with which they naturally mix essential garments of pure colors and silhouettes and tailoring to realize mise of chic swimwear but the unusual irreverence which they do not take themselves too seriously. This season the tissues are more and more technical, they discover the skin with games of contrasts from the two-dimensional geometries. Hence, this is another of the trends that you may follow: to wear models from the geometric spaces syncopated with crossings on the abdomen and back and trio of bands to surround the sides.

Latest trend to be followed: the metal, cold silver to bronze hot, and still red, pink, light blue and white optical, the metallic colors are smeared glam revelation of the moment.