North tour, day 5: Chiang Mai city

Chiang Mai,“Rose of the North"... Thailand "Milan". Unlike my group, my usual, beautiful, travel agent (write in order to have the references) has provided for me a return flight in the late afternoon, so as to grant an additional day of visit and rest in Chiang Mai city. A small, dutiful, clarification with respect to the title of these articles: the tour proposed here runs in 8 actual days and 2 travel, incredibly intense; for those who had more time, it may be useful to dwell time or make additional stops, for example Burma (for a visit to one hundred golden pagodas) or relax in one of the beautiful seaside town. My laced times of holidays not allow me, but I can still get up early as the previous days and enjoy a little 'relaxation and Thai dawn in my wonderful hotel, including swimming pool and gym (finally really there, with adjoining SPA 24h).


At about 9 am, conveniently blaming, I go out from my downtown hotel for exploring the quadrangle of the historic center of the city, bordered by the River Ping and the ancient port Phae Gate.

Just in its surroundings is the way the market Kad Luang, the most impressive and varied city and the region, a real gem for the whole of Thailand and the handmade quality business procurers (although, personally, I preferred the night bazaar Camden Lock Style).


The population is quiet and discreet, less chaotic than that of the Bangkok metropolis, although here is the knowledge of the English language much more widespread (and are willing to give information, even wasting a lot of time). However, it is likely that with a map in hand there is no need to ask for anything: the square shape and relatively low in the center, bordered by historic walls, make it very easy to visit on foot, in a short time.

Do not miss a visit to the main square with the famous statue of the three kings


and the complex of holy temples located in different parts of the city, but little distant from each other. Beware, they are very strict on dress: covered to the wrists and knees, ankles if they are even better.





Other must-see attractions relate to the food and, above all, the wellness centers: an institution in Chang Mai. Even the crudest closet is clean, comfortable, has wi-fi and experienced and honest hands to take care of you. Relax even closing his eyes, then, dropping clothing and personal items to your side as you make your massage from little and very hard Thai girls: in my experience, dishonesty not even touches their thinking. And you will gain, as I did, a salvific Thai massage full hour to 150 baht (then even 4 euro!)